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那 was the message Tuesday from Gov. Charlie Baker as he urged people to take COVID-19 safety precautions more seriously during the December holiday season than they seem to have for Thanksgiving 和 to look for new guidance coming from the Department of Public 健康 later Tuesday on how to safely celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa 和 New Year’处于全球大流行之中。

“It’s pretty simple,”贝克谈到了新的DPH指南。“The safest way to celebrate this year is with members of your own household 和 to postpone or cancel any travel plans 和 to avoid gatherings with people you don’t live with. Any type of celebration beyond that has real potential, as we saw with Thanksgiving, to spread the virus 和 hurt the ones we love the most.”

的 governor made a similar plea to the public ahead of Thanksgiving, but based on his comments Tuesday 和 the data he presented, it appears that not enough people heeded the governor’上个月的警告。他说,他希望更多的人会改变他们的传统假期计划,因为“我们刚刚看了这部电影” 和 are now seeing the dramatic impacts it had.

“公共卫生官员和我们的政府已警告人们数周的时间,以避免大型的假期聚会进入感恩节,因为当人们与家人或朋友一起在家时,他们的确会放松警惕。那’在马萨诸塞州病毒繁盛和感恩节盛行的地方,它显然做到了,” Baker said. “越来越多的人患病,我们的医院系统感到压力重重,越来越多的人需要医院一级的护理,医护人员再一次被推向极限,以照顾那些患有COVID和其他疾病的人。”


“That’s a 96 percent increase in a little over a week. Similarly, prior to Thanksgiving, our positive test rate was pretty stable 和 had consistently been somewhere in the two-three percent range, under four percent. 的 current test rate, as most people know, is around 5.7 percent,” Baker said.


的 governor said 马萨诸塞州 和 its health care system cannot afford to have the December holidays be “感恩节已经在马萨诸塞州举行了。”

“If our hospitals can’跟上,除了更多的限制,我们别无选择,” Baker said Tuesday.

Melissa Jocelyn, director of nursing at Mass. General Hospital, joined Baker at the State House on Tuesday to echo his message on behalf of the nurses 和 doctors who have been working hands-on with COVID-19 patients since March.

“我确实想代表我们所有的护士和医疗保健同事,与州长一起,要求甚至乞求你们每个人都遵守州的指导方针,避免聚会圣诞节,” she said. “我们致力于继续抗击COVID-19,并照顾每位来我们医院的患者。我们只要求您尽自己的一份力量,所以您不’最终无法入院,或更糟的是成为您所爱的人的原因—你的祖母,侄女,叔叔—因COVID-19而最终住院。”

Jocelyn said she 和 others in the health care world understand that everyone is tired 和 exhausted of having to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines, but fears that “the tendency is to simply give up 和 return to a sense of premature normalcy” as the pandemic drags on 和 with the vaccinated end of the pandemic within sight.

“In the hospital setting, we are also tired 和 exhausted. We are tired of seeing people dying on breathing machines. More sadly, even dying alone, where we use an iPad to connect a dying patient to their loved ones,” she said.

Jocelyn添加了,“There is light at the end of the tunnel. But remember, we are still in the tunnel. 的 sooner all of us adhere to the basics —不要聚集在一起,保持我们的泡沫小,继续戴口罩,洗手,进行社交疏导— the sooner we will be able to hug our loved ones, celebrate the holidays, 和 return to our traditions.”

健康 和 Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders asked residents to take “the long view” 和 sacrifice traditional gatherings this year to help ensure that next year’s holidays will be joyful 和 will include loved ones whose health could be jeopardized by large assemblies during the pandemic. Baker also tried to emphasize the temporary nature of the change he is asking people to make.

“I can’足够强调这不是永远的。这是一次。一度。一个月。一年。圣诞节,光明节,宽扎节,新年’s Eve, really do, 和 should be different,” he said. “Next year we’像我们以前一样可能能够庆祝那些假期。但今年不行。”