Flu-like symptoms listed as side effect of COVID-19 疫苗


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马萨诸塞州斯普林菲尔德(WWLP)– 的 FDA says Pfizer’s 疫苗 is safe 和 effective but there are some possible side effects after taking the shots.

Hospitals across the country continue to get in the new Pfizer coronavirus 疫苗 和 healthcare workers are in the process of getting the shots but side effects are a possibility with the new 疫苗.

Side effects of 疫苗s are common, it means the 疫苗 is actually working 和 COVID-19 疫苗s have been shown to have short-term mild or moderate 疫苗 reactions.

According to the CDC, side effects may feel like the flu, but they should go away in a few days, despite these side effects health experts say the 疫苗 is safe 和 effective.

In most COVID-19 疫苗s, you will need two shots in order for them to work.

的 CDC recommends getting the second shot even if you have side effects after the first one unless a vaccination provider or your doctor tells you otherwise.