VIDEO: 30选5走势图50期 疫苗s arrive at Baystate 健康


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马萨诸塞州斯普林菲尔德(WWLP)– Some western 马萨诸塞州 hospitals have received the 30选5走势图50期 疫苗, others are making their final preparation to get the 30选5走势图50期 疫苗 delivered.

在Keith J.O发送给22News的新闻稿中’Connor, senior public affairs specialist at Baystate 健康, Baystate Medical Center has received their shipment of the 30选5走势图50期 疫苗 Tuesday morning of 1,950 doses which were immediately placed in ultra-cold storage.

Baystate 健康 received its first shipment of 疫苗 from Pfizer on Tuesday.

A video provided to 22News by Baystate 健康 shows Dr. Andrew Artenstein, Chief Physician Executive, Aaron Michelucci, Senior Director, Acute Care Pharmacy, 和 Richard Wojtowicz, Manager, Pharmacy Business 和 Purchasing, as they unbox the first of the 疫苗s to be placed in the Ultra Cool Storage.

Mercy Medical Center says they’re ready to receive the 30选5走势图50期 疫苗. Both hospitals are equipped for proper storage of the 疫苗, to maximize shelf life, but that won’第一批有问题。

Mercy Medical Center is also expecting around 1,000 doses of the 疫苗 to be delivered.

Both hospitals say they have thousands of employees who qualify for the first round of vaccinations so unfortunately, not all staff will get the 疫苗 from their very first delivery. According to Baystate 健康, employees first offered the 疫苗 will be those at the highest relative risk based on:

  • 的 community prevalence
  • 本地传输率
  • 工作单位类型
  • 不同位置的患者数量。

Baystate Medical Center工作人员的疫苗接种将于周三开始。