UPS distributing COVID-19 疫苗 from Bradley International Airport


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康涅狄格州温莎洛克斯(WWLP)– 的 first doses of the COVID-19 疫苗 have been given out in New England. Employees at Hartford Hospital received their first dose Monday morning.

“It’s a great day, it’在这里,对于康涅狄格州,对于全世界,”Hartford 健康care员工健康医疗总监Paul Anthony博士说。“It’s very effective. I give you the example of the flu 疫苗 that you take every year. It’可以减少流感引起的死亡。它’但是只有40%到60%的有效。这是95%的有效。”

All across the country, UPS 和 Fedex are working hard to get the 疫苗 out to hospitals. 的 first of nearly 3 million doses being shipped in batches this week made their way by truck 和 by plane around the country Sunday from Pfizer’位于密歇根州卡拉马祖的工厂。

Once they arrive at distribution centers, like the UPS facility located at Bradley International Airport, each state directs where the 疫苗 goes next.

Both Baystate Medical Center 和 Mercy Medical Center plan to start vaccinations in the coming days. 马萨诸塞州 is getting 60,000 doses this first week.

Each 疫苗 requires two doses that are administered about a month apart. It then takes 6 weeks for the 疫苗 to kick in 和 offer full protection.