VIDEO: Mercy Medical Center provides COVID-19 疫苗 update


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马萨诸塞州斯普林菲尔德(WWLP)– Mercy Medical Center has received doses for the COVID-19 疫苗 Wednesday afternoon.

的 first healthcare worker at Mercy Medical Center received the COVID-19 疫苗. 975 doses of the COVID-19 疫苗 arrived at Mercy Medical Center at 3:00 p.m.

Dr. Mark Kenton, Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Mercy, was among the first healthcare workers at the hospital to receive the first dose of the 疫苗.

He called it an early Christmas present 和 an historic day for not only Mercy but for the nation.

It’s been a long year 和 we didn’t know what covid-19 was a year ago 和 had to begin back in the spring come up with different safety plans for patients 和 you’重新建立了一种全新的结构,即我们如何护理感染未知病毒的人,所以到今天为止,感觉就像您知道它一样’在结束的开始,我们可以看到隧道尽头的光。”

的 rest of the healthcare workers will begin being vaccinated on Friday.