Allergic reactions to 疫苗s are rare, short-lived

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Vaccines can sometimes cause allergic reactions, but they are usually rare 和 short-lived.

British regulators are looking into reports of allergic reactions in two people who received the new 辉瑞 COVID-19 疫苗 Tuesday, the first day of a vaccination program. In the meantime, they’re telling people to skip the 疫苗 if they’有严重的过敏反应史。

A look at allergic reactions to 疫苗s:


Allergic reactions can occur with numerous 疫苗s 和 experts say they are not unexpected.

In the 辉瑞-BioNTech study of 42,000 people, the rate was about the same in those who got the coronavirus 疫苗 versus those who got a dummy shot. U.S. Food 和 Drug Administration reviewers who examined the study’s safety data found that 137 — or 0.63% — of 疫苗 recipients reported symptoms suggestive of an allergic reaction, compared to 111 — or 0.51% — in the placebo group.

A 2015 study in the U.S. examining the rate of anaphylaxis — a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction — found that it occurred about once per every million 疫苗 doses. 的 study evaluated children 和 adults who got 疫苗s against numerous diseases, including polio, measles 和 meningitis.

“对于普通民众来说,这并不意味着他们需要为接受疫苗接种感到焦虑,” said Stephen Evans, a 疫苗s expert at the London School of Hygiene 和 Tropical Medicine.



Scientists say people can be sensitive to components in the shot, like gelatin or egg protein, or to the 疫苗 itself. People with egg allergies are sometimes advised not to get the flu shot, since that 疫苗 is mostly grown in chicken eggs.


辉瑞’s new COVID-19 疫苗 uses a new technology, 和 is coated in lipid nanoparticles, which have been used in drugs.

Some people react to almost any drug or 疫苗, said Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of Brown University’s school of public health. 的 key is whether reactions to the 疫苗 are more common or more severe __ 和 that doesn’t appear to be the case 至今, he said.


Typical side effects for many 疫苗s include things like a sore arm from the shot, fever 和 muscle aches. In the 辉瑞 study, participants also reported fatigue, headache 和 chills.

More serious side effects are reported to regulators or health officials for further investigation. But it can often take time to determine if the 疫苗 caused the side effect or if the person just coincidentally received the shot before becoming ill.

As for the COVID-19 疫苗, “如此引人注目,以至每时每刻发生的小事都会被放大。”贾哈说。

“We should talk about it, we should be honest with people, but we should put it into context 和 help people understand,” he said.