州长:在英国发现的新30选5走势图50期毒株为‘very concerning’

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纽约州奥尔巴尼(WROC)-州长安德鲁·库莫(Andrew Cuomo)提供了有关该州的最新消息’s ongoing coronavirus response efforts, discussing new travel restrictions for incoming flights from the United Kingdom, vaccination rollout phases, 和 more during a Monday briefing.


  • 156,510个30选5走势图50期测试在全州范围内进行
  • 全州阳性率为5.75%
  • 微集群热点内部的阳性率为7.16%
  • 微集群热点之外的阳性率为5.28%
  • 109名纽约人周日死于30选5走势图50期
  • 6,331名住院
  • 重症监护病房1,095
  • 插管613

的 governor said the Rochester 和 Finger Lakes region remains the most problematic area in the state in terms of hospitalization rate per population, 和 positivity rate.

“他们[Finger Lakes]与纽约西部地区发生了逆转,” Gov. Cuomo said. “Finger Lakes is a problem because they are part of Western New York. 的re is a lot of travel between Buffalo, Erie County, Rochester, Monroe County, etc. 的 Finger Lakes are a problem in 和 of themselves, they’对于纽约西部来说也是一个问题。”

的 governor expressed caution about a new strain of 30选5走势图50期 found in the United Kingdom.

“非常令人担忧的是,他们在英国发现了这种新菌株,” Gov. Cuomo said. “The strain, according to Boris Johnson, is 70% more transmissible than the old strain. 的y don’不知道是否有更高的死亡率,他们没有’t know if the 疫苗 is effective with the new strain.

“这种压力是如此严重,以至于英国再次关闭,” Gov. Cuomo said. “我们对此有所注意。为什么不’我们为改变而采取明智的行动吗?为什么不’我们要在人们上飞机之前强制进行测试,还是现在从英国出发?许多其他国家都这样做了,这不是第一印象。您有许多国家/地区刚刚限制了从英国的航班,许多欧洲国家/地区都这样做了。为什么避风港’t we done anything?”

的 governor said that that he believes the new strain is in the United States already, although there’目前没有任何记录在案的案例。

“如果您不需要对英国的航班进行测试,那么您每天便可以允许成千上万的英国乘客抵达此处,” Gov. Cuomo said. “直觉上,我相信’已经在这里,因为如果它正在世界各地飞行,’s already here. I lived this 和 you lived this. This was the spring.”

的 governor said British Airways has agreed to not send flights to New York state without the testing requirement. He said he asked Delta 和 Virgin Airlines to do the same.

“我要求这些航空公司在航班从英国飞往纽约之前,将纽约州添加到需要测试的120个国家/地区的列表中,” Gov. Cuomo said. “如果他们[Delta 和 Virgin],我’我们已经要求他们自愿同意,如果他们不同意,那么纽约州将采取其他选择,但是如果我坐在这里,让联邦无能为力造成另一场灾难,我将不会担任纽约州长。”

的 governor said some 38,000 New Yorkers have received the first dose of the 疫苗 so far.

“这完全由医疗专业人员完成,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We get the 疫苗, we distribute the 疫苗 to a regional hub hospital. That hospital does the vaccinations for that region. We define the categories of people who are eligible; phase 1a, phase 1b, etc. 和 we follow federal advice on that.”

的 governor announced that vaccination started in nursing homes Monday morning 和 101-year-old Freda Bernhardt of Rochester was among the first nursing home residents in the state to receive the 疫苗.

的 governor said vaccination will expand to priority populations this week, including federally-qualified health center workers, EMTs, coroners, medical examiners, funeral home workers, 和 other congregate care workers 和 residents.

的 governor also announced the formation of a new 30选5走势图50期 Vaccine Equality Taskforce, 和 four co-chairs.

“They’工作是要制定一个运营后勤计划,” Gov. Cuomo said. “我们如何将它带入黑人教堂?房屋管理局?我们如何开展针对黑人社区,拉丁裔社区,贫困社区的教育运动,‘this is safe.'”

的 governor said that the 疫苗 means the end of the pandemic is in sight, but that New Yorkers must remain diligent throughout the holiday season to avoid a more severe 30选5走势图50期 surge.

“If we stay under control in the holiday season 和, we don’没有大的峰值,然后’s just a foot race: Us vs. the 疫苗,” Gov. Cuomo said. “And we’re going to get the 疫苗 out, we’re going to get that 疫苗 out if I have to drive it.”

的 governor said the 9000亿美元的联邦救济计划 included no funding for state 和 local governments, 和 he said that “would hurt people.”

“他们所做的工作没有为纽约州,纽约市,布法罗,罗切斯特,各县,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We have a $15 billion deficit caused by COVID, cause by federal government, caused by their negligence, 和 the COVID spring ambush. I can’t make up a $15 billion deficit 和 that means we will lay off people.

“我们应该对所有人公平” Gov. Cuomo said. “When you don’t fund states 和 cities that means cities layoff police officers, firefighters, teachers: You hurt people when you don’帮助国家。这意味着我们可以’t基金租金减免,抵押减免。你伤害了人们,伤害了学校。这是一个不可能的选择。不公平,不合美国人的选择。”

While other public officials, like Vice President Mike Pence 和 President-elect Joe Biden, have received the 30选5走势图50期 疫苗, the governor says he is in the general population portion 和 doesn’不想从必要的工人那里获得供应。

“I’没有特别的群体” Gov. Cuomo said. “I don’t have any underlying illnesses, so I am in no special group. I would be the general population group. We were thinking about getting people to take the vaccination as a way to build confidence in the vaccination 和 I think that’s why the vice president took it 和 Joe Biden took it.

“我周围走动的人很多‘好吧,如果它是如此安全,为什么没有’t you take it?’纽约的态度很好” Gov. Cuomo said. “我曾经说过,只要小组授权,我就会接受它,而我’我愿意接受。另一方面,我不知道’不想接受任何人说,‘当它本可以交给必要的工人时才拿走。’ You can’这几天不要让任何人高兴。”

In closing, the governor announced that the New York State Department of 健康 authorized a request for Santa Claus to be exempt from the 14-day quarantine requirement, adding that Santa would wear a mask, 和 that it’要求克劳斯先生隔离是不切实际的。

州长在上周的通报中说, 国家的新口号是“延缓传播,停止关机,” 当我们进入假期时。

的 governor said he believes the hospitals are equipped to handle the predicted holiday surge 和 the state can avoid a shutdown.

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