Several COVID-19 30选5走势图50期 recipients got Bell’s palsy –为什么您应该忽略这些社交媒体帖子

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(NEXSTAR)–美国正在进行30选5走势图50期接种,但在接受注射的七个人之后–辉瑞BioNTech中有四个’s trial 和 three in Moderna’s trial – developed Bell’由于麻痹,面部肌肉无力或瘫痪,错误信息现在正在网上传播。

虽然贝尔’麻痹的声音令人震惊–症状导致面部的一半看起来像’根据 梅奥诊所 – it’s more common than people think 和 usually goes away within weeks or a few months.

的 美国食品药品管理局 said it is tracking Bell’s palsy cases after four people taking the Pfizer 30选5走势图50期 developed the condition, but there’s currently no reason to think the 30选5走势图50期 caused the condition.

和三个开发贝尔的人一起’s palsy after taking the Moderna 30选5走势图50期, a fourth, who took the placebo 也经历过这种情况。超过30,000人参加了。

的 four patients in the Pfizer trials get Bell’注射后不同时间出现麻痹– the first 3 days later, the second 9 days later, the third 37 days later 和 the fourth 48 days later. At least one had 已经恢复 截至上周。


“The observed frequency of reported Bell’s palsy in the 30选5走势图50期 group is consistent with the expected background rate in the general population,” a briefing document from the 美国食品药品管理局 状态。

实际上,’远低于预期获得贝尔的人数’每年在美国的麻痹–根据 全国罕见疾病组织.

While the cases are likely not related to the 30选5走势图50期, social media rumors have fostered doubt 和 suspicion about the 30选5走势图50期, which the government 批准使用 上周五。

路透社的事实检查发现,一个广为分享的图片贴显示了三个与贝尔在一起的人’s palsy 和 claiming they were given the 30选5走势图50期 是假的 –自2019年以来一直存在。

另一个帖子声称”6 people dead so far from the covid 30选5走势图50期, plus another 4 have developed Bells Palsy, a paralysis of the face……but hey, this 30选5走势图50期 is ‘safe’.”

While six of the 44,000 people in the trial did die, four had been given placebos. Of the remaining two, Reuters found, one died of cardiac arrest 62 days after vaccination 和 the other of arteriosclerosis three days after getting the shot.


的 policy will 下周开始, 和 will crack down on tweets suggesting the virus is a hoax, the vaccination is used to harm or control people 和 other baseless claims.