WATCH: Boston hospital workers celebrate COVID-19 疫苗 arrival in viral TikTok video

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波士顿(现在的国家)—波士顿医学中心的工作人员标志着 coronavirus 疫苗 破坏了向Lizzo演唱的一首歌。

医院的镜头,分享给 TikTok,显示员工随着歌曲跳舞“Good as Hell”庆祝马萨诸塞州的到来’s first batch of the 辉瑞-BioNTech 疫苗. 的 疫苗 received FDA紧急授权 Friday 和 was 周日早些时候运了出去。

编辑’s note: 的 song in this video contains strong language.

“我们很高兴成为马萨诸塞州第一家接受该治疗的医院 Pfizer vaccine 和 are ready to start vaccinating our health care workers this week,”医院说 一条Facebook帖子。

Since the video was posted on TikTok, it has been viewed millions of times across social media. 的 video was also posted to 推特 by Boston Medical Center CEO Kate Walsh, where it has been viewed more than 3 million times.

“为什么我喜欢我的工作@The_BMC!”沃尔什在推文中说“Teams of people working to safely 和 equitably distribute 疫苗s to their frontline colleagues, getting cheered on by their friends celebrating the arrival of the 疫苗s. A great day, a great place.”

马萨诸塞州 has reported almost 300,000 confirmed coronavirus cases 和 more than 11,000 deaths according to data complied by 约翰霍普金斯大学。