More than 35,000 given COVID-19 疫苗 in 马萨诸塞州 至今, DPH reports


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波士顿(WWLP)– At least 30,000 people in 马萨诸塞州 have received the first dose of a COVID-19 疫苗 so far, according to a 每周COVID-19疫苗接种报告 released by 公共卫生部。 

的 报告,该报告将在每个 Thursday 与国家的 每天和每周的COVID-19更新,给出了 接种疫苗,运往州的疫苗剂量,累计COVID-19 vaccine 运送到县的剂量 接种疫苗的年龄组和种族, 疫苗接种者的做法/职业, and the 疫苗 类型(辉瑞公司,Moderna公司)。 

的 state’s vaccination report shows a total of 35,618 people have received the first dose of a 疫苗. Both the Pfizer 和 Moderna 疫苗s require two doses 和 have been FDA批准用于紧急情况 authorization use. 

As of 星期四, 59,475 doses of the Pfizer 疫苗已经运到马萨诸塞州 along with 87,200 doses of the Moderna 疫苗, which 在过去七天内到达。 In total, 146,675 COVID-19 疫苗s have 到目前为止已被运送到马萨诸塞州。 

Breakdown of Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 疫苗 doses shipped to 马萨诸塞州西部县: 

  • 伯克郡县:3,725 
  • 富兰克林县:500 
  • 汉普登县:6,825 
  • 新罕布什尔州:1,800 

请注意 Franklin county has the lowest 疫苗 distribution as a percentage of the county population in the whole state. 

的 doses administered by age group:

  • 0-19岁: 91 
  • 20-29岁: 5,896 
  • 30-49岁:15,681 
  • 50-69岁:13,235 
  • 70+:715 


A breakdown of ethnicity shows 19,712 white people have received a first dose of the 疫苗, 6,794在夏威夷原住民,太平洋岛民,美洲印第安人/阿拉斯加原住民社区, 多种族社区中的5,341, 西班牙裔社区的1,367名, 亚洲社区1,487 和黑人社区的917。 

的 vaccination data also shows that 26,332 hospital workers across the Commonwealth have received a first dose of the 疫苗.